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Ophthalmic Lenses - Rodenstock



The beginning of the successful Rodenstock course begins in 1878, when two brothers founded the "G. Rodenstock Optics Institute". The company was specialized in the ophthalmological field, since, besides ophthalmic lenses and skeletons, it also sold measuring instruments. Since then the company has grown dramatically. Nowadays, Rodenstock, a company with specialized staff worldwide, ensures the highest quality in its products through a special strict control process. This ensures the quality of lenses and frames sent from the company's headquarters. Prerequisites for producing the highest quality are strict criteria defined by clear instructions. These criteria include specific technical and visual properties of products: such as, for example, the perfect purity of ophthalmic lenses. This way you can wear all Rodenstock crystals with great comfort, low weight and high durability. From production to the final stage of your eyewear specially made for you, you can rely on the fact that you will get the high quality you expected from Rodenstock.

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